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Contract Lifecycle Management, 

Today’s business landscape is more dynamic than ever: global supply chains are more complicated, regulatory measures are more complex, and sales models are more diverse. A powerful contract management system helps you stay agile in these volatile business environments. Empower your business process with strategic insights to stay ahead of the competition with robust CLM automation. 

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Contract authoring
Made easier than ever

  • Predefined templates for commonly used contracts and the ability to create custom templates.

  • Contract creation wizard to generate contracts in an instant.

  • Built-in document editor with advanced document assembly capabilities and all the features of our powerful word processor.

  • Intuitive collaboration through features like track changes and comments.

Turnaround time 
From weeks to days

  • No need to send document attachments back and forth for negotiation. Provide controlled access to counterparty contacts via password-protected links.

  • Effortlessly engage in multiple rounds of negotiation with redlining, contextual comments, and version control features.

  • Get legally binding signatures in minutes with Zoho Sign, Zoho's e-signature software, built into your Zoho Contracts account.

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Mitigating contract risks

With the best-in-class obligation management

  • The contextual obligations module within each contract ensures that no contractual obligations are left unfulfilled.

  • Track and fulfill obligations by delegating tasks to their respective business owners.

  • Add action items as one-time or recurring tasks, and never miss obligations with the help of reminders.

Holistic lifecycle management
With finely crafted individual parts

  • Import contracts in draft, signed, or even expired states and manage them from Zoho Contracts.

  • Design your own approval workflows, both sequential and parallel.

  • Leverage the power of analytics to derive valuable insights from contract data.

  • Amend, renew, extend, or terminate a contract with letter templates, which capture the contract history and automatically identify and display the current changes, reducing the need for human intervention and preventing manual errors.

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Enterprise-grade features


Central Repository

All your contracts in a single central repository. The search and filter options enable better visibility and accessibility.


Audit Trail

Stay on top of all the user activities in your CLM. View the complete history of all the progress, changes, and suggestions made in one place.


Access Control

Assign roles for users in your organization. With different access permissions for each role, have better control over your Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) software.


Proven Security

Data security and privacy are vital components of our contract management solution. Zoho stores customer data in their own private data centers, and each data exchange is fully encrypted.


Version Control

View all versions of a contract in chronological order, compare versions, and restore any of the older versions.


Approval Workflows

Keep stakeholders aware of potential risks and opportunities in a contract before it becomes active by adding them as approvers. Design your own approval workflows, both sequential and parallel. Approvers can also collaborate via the comments section.

Manage contracts on the go

Stay on top of your business contracts wherever you go. The Zoho Contracts iOS app offers a personalized mobile dashboard to give you insights into key contract metrics. The app also includes every feature you need to manage your contracts away from your desk.


Achieve Better Control and Compliance

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