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Empower your Business with ERP Automation

Designed and architected with customer-centric design philosophies, ONEERP is a fully integrated multi-user enterprise platform that delivers powerful functionalities you need to gain a sustainable and competitive
advantage. Supported by analytics, corporate services, and end-user service delivery, the solution increases efficiency within your organisation and your extended network of customers, partners, and suppliers.

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Future-Proof Technology Stack

Our ERP solution is built to be future-proof with an API integrated ecosystem and delivered and supported with robust customer-focused models. The platforms enable seamless CX across multiple channels by providing industry integrations with the ecosystem, complemented by business process automation.

Industry Cloud

A fully integrated and collaborative system collaging the digital manufacturing and SCM that addresses dynamic conditions in the industry value chain and shifting customer demands. Elevate your manufacturing, distribution, and financial business processes by means of ultramodern technology, software security, best in-class scalability, integrability of the solution, and more. 

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Robust Features and Functionalities

With an extensive range of world-class functional and administrative modules, effortlessly manage manufacturing, inventory, finance, sales, and other vital business undertakings. Take advantage of uninterrupted real-time visibility across routine processes, performance management modules, and personalization tools to custom-fit the solution in a way that suits your organization in the best possible way.

Pre-built industry capabilities​


Manufacturing Cloud

Best industry practices pre- packaged for chemical,
pharmaceutical, food & beverage, Halal, and rubber & plastics solutions. Unified manufacturing modeling with pre-configured industry standard performance
monitoring and integrated manufacturing operations



Never risk going off track with a comprehensive set of tools and features that competitively manage critical industry requirements – vehicle management, dealer
management, account management, and more


Field Services & Contract

Leverage a one-stop and cost-effective field service
management tool that meets unique industry requirements like business contracts,
resource allocation and profitable pricing. Pre-built
functions for technicians, inspectors, auditors,
dispatchers, field staff, administrators, and drivers


Financial Cloud

Manage corporate financeswith robust accounting and financial reporting tools while utilizing real-time visibility into your financial data. Supports
banking, insurance, and non-banking organizations


Distribution Cloud

A functionally rich enterprise-wide information solution designed to fast-track your distribution business across geographies. Effectively organize inventory, sales, purchase, and finance with
well-oiled precision to reduce the cost of operations, increase efficiency, offer value-added services, and enhance customer and vendor relations.



Streamline omnichannel payment systems, in-store
management, end-of-day management and much more. The solution seamlessly integrates with other data and information solutions to provide interactive dashboards and KPIs to supply better business control and keep trackof all functions in real-time

Actionable insights with enterprise analytics​​

Monitor transparent financial information with a higher degree of control on budgets using efficient workflows and process automation. Utilize detailed data insights and real-time reporting and tracking capabilities to support superior decision-making at
all levels.

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Our Technology Stack


API Centric

Integration touchpoints with ecosystem​. API exposed and IR 4.0 ready. Hyper domain-alignment and extensive pre-built internal integrations.


Cloud Delivery

Effective Partner & other delivery models. Encourage business collaboration through mobile enablement, workflow, and alerts​.



Multitenancy with Secured & Robust Architecture. Amendable Configurators & settings, enable dynamic operations & Flexibility based on business needs.



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