The Most Complete Digital Business Solution in Malaysia
A beautiful eCommerce platform, with Digital Marketing Strategy for your business' front-end; and Digital Business Operation systems for your back end.

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Business Operating System

Control various processes such as accounting, logistics, marketing with HIVE. With real-time analytics, save time and cost searching and compiling data from physical files.


Track & Manage Your Employees Effortlessly

  • Managers directly manage their employee's shifts on the fly, accommodating last minute scheduling and rescheduling.

  • Automatically calculates employee hours for you, making Payroll and Time-sheets in a few clicks.

  • Auto check-in employees when they enter business premises, making manual clock-in a thing of the past.


Financial Management with Complete Clarity

  • Generate instant reports, enabling you to make financial decisions with confidence.

  • Close books every month with minimal upkeep and 50% less time than standard practice.

  • With data transparency and accountability, gone are the days of bottle neck jams on your financial departments.

  • Real-time visuals on transactions with your clients, on your customized, centralized dashboard.


Inventory & Delivery Management

  • Have full visibility of your inventory. From committed items to warning of low stock levels.

  • Take ownership of the whole Pick-Pack-Ship process. Custom delivery slips, customer tracking, and more.

  • Keep 100% of the profits in-house without relying on third-party delivery services, reducing missing orders and package mismanagement.

Image by Sharon McCutcheon


Website & Social Media Marketing

Does your online presence give your clients an impression of legitimacy, reliability, and professionalism? Do you have a digital identity and marketing strategy? Get the best from our team of professional multimedia designers.


Establish your Business Presence  Online

  • Establish your business' identity with an official corporate website. Impress your audience with a beautiful website that speaks of your professionalism and reliability.

  • Collect and track visitor data, to improve  marketing and advertising targeting.

  • Start an online shop that integrates directly with your business operating system; ensuring fulfillment speed and reduction of manual labor.


Reach & Engage via Online Promotions

  • Digital marketing involves all marketing efforts via digital mediums, such as mobile phones, emails, social media, etc.

  • Leverage digital channels to connect with current and prospective customers, by driving them to all your sales channels; digital & physical included.

  • We include 5 complimentary promotional graphics to kick-start your digital marketing strategy; adaptable to the platforms of your choice: WhatsApp, emails, social media, etc.


Your success is our success. HIVE is designed with your safety and sustainability in mind. It is built to be work-from-home friendly and cloud based, allowing for work to be done from any device that can access the internet.



We'll conduct a discovery session to understand who you are, what your business needs, learn about your customers, and turn all this into a blueprint for our development team.



After compiling the materials needed for your customized solution, we begin with implementing your digital business operational  structure. We then migrate vital business processes, data, and designing and publish your online platforms.



Testing is done and your shop is open! You and your team will be trained to manage and maintain all operations, and to top it up, we'll throw in a FREE 1 year after sales support.