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Remote Working Amidst #COVID19 Outbreak

The latest numbers have indicated, that over 100,000 cases of the Wuhan novel coronavirus (now officially known as the COVID-19) are confirmed.

Pharmacies and retail stores are now running low or are completely out of stock of face masks, hand sanitizers, and Vitamin-C. There are still underlying problems that persist even though you are well supplied, that is, there are still chances of you contracting this virus if you are in a place with a high density of people. E.g. your regular workplace, your office.

The Rise of Remote Working

That is why more companies are encouraging staff employees to work remotely from their homes, as to lessen their contact with the general public and their offices as a precaution not to contract COVID-19 and certainly not to encourage spreading it.

Companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook, and Microsoft have already started to get their employees to work from home, as in the US there are at least 546 cases confirmed and 22 fatalities.

Why Remote Working?

Remote working is not only in trend now due to trying to limit the advancement of the novel Wuhan virus. Remote working has been a thing of the past and we are more likely to see it become more of a thing in the future. Remote working has given employees more flexibility in their work-life, it has saved precious time from commuting to work and back. If your offices are usually mundane, employees will perform lesser as they are less motivated and less content. With remote working employees can now work in a place where they are comfortable and where their performance is at their peak. But remote working doesn’t only mean working from home, remote working can be done anywhere outside of offices, wherever you please.

How do I keep track of my employees’/colleagues’ progress? In normal offices, to update one colleague about the progress of a project, one simply walks over to them and fill them in. With Cloud ERP software, you can even do this from the comforts of your living space. Cloud ERP is one of the best ways to use for remote working. It is not uncommon for companies to have more than one person to be working on the same project. With Cloud ERP software it will be easier for employees to collaborate online and keep the steady flow of projects more smooth. Employees can also make updates to documents from anywhere, pick up where they left off with ease, and they can also notify team members of changes made through instantaneous notifications. ERP systems is a shared database that supports multiple functions used by different units. Employees in different divisions, from inventory, accounting, human resources and (CRM), can rely on the same information for their specific needs and can access it from their own home or while on their vacation. Anytime, anywhere.

How secure is it? Cloud ERP software is not as secure as your typical office steel cabinet (which keys to it goes missing quite often), it is better. Cloud ERP software comes with improved security and data encryption to reduce data breaches. This includes the flexibility to limit and vary different levels of security access employees get to ensure sensitive data doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.

How do I start working remotely? This is quite simple. If you are going to start working from home you will need, a computer, good internet, a dedicated workspace, a strict routine, and some good old self-motivation and discipline. If you have all this ticked and checked, you are off to a very great start.

How do we hold face-to-face meetings? Remote working stills enable you to do face-to-face meetings without even having physically contacting your colleagues or employees. There are many ways to go about this, you can either use Google Hangouts, Skype, WhatsApp group call, and many more… the choices are almost endless.

Working through Tough Times

One of the major upsides of remote working is not paying rent for an office space for employees anymore.

But for remote working to be done right, a proper cloud software must be used that not only is simple to use but also is secure, functional, efficient and effective in every achievable way.

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