Ensuring Business Continuity in #Covid-19

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

We would like to share our thoughts amid the growing worldwide spread of COVID-19, or coronavirus.

The global pandemic has crippled business productivity, grounded the economy and confined employees to their homes to work remotely. Unwittingly, this situation has thrust a previously unnoticed breed front and center in the limelight.

The IT Directors, Managers and CIOs.

In what seems to be the most daunting tasks of their careers, these IT experts have become caretakers of employee experience and enablers of business operations in a time of crisis.

For Business Owners and CEOs, this means making sure that remote working is as seamless as possible to provide the best level of support to YOUR customers and partners.

So what are your top priorities due to Covid-19?

With the advent of CloudERP and Disruptive Technology, Businesses can carry out a variety of activities to further support their employees during this time, whether that be guidance on working from home(WFH), training on some key tools and increasing general support engagement with employees.

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