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Sure, we’ve said countless of times that this is the internet age and we should fully embrace it in all its glory. Undeniably, social media is something we cannot live without in this day and age and not utilizing it for your business would be a fool’s errand. It’s an easy way to market your products and keep customers updated. The common perception is that without social media, your business will not be heard as it is not optimized for search engines.

However, social media may not be your forte. Or you may not have enough money to sustain a consistent social media presence. Often, we think the only way to build a business is through social media. “Because all the big brands are doing it, so I should too! That’s the proven, most effective way, right?” Wrong. Big business can AFFORD to do that, but you might not. Facebook or Twitter ads aren’t the only way to gain exposure.

And then there’s that fear that what if one day social media disappears? Poof. Suddenly you’re back at square one and losing your bearings. This will not happen if you build your brand and develop a real bond with your clients.

The question now is, HOW do you go about making sure your business can survive without social media?


If you’re able to deliver real, top-notch quality products, they will basically speak for themselves. People will naturally want to talk about your product and tell others about it. Don’t underestimate the power of word of mouth. It may seem outdated but it without a doubt is an effective way to market your products. Keep in mind that you’ll also want to be a reliable seller and customers will naturally swarm to you like a moth to a flame. Social media who??


Partnering up with like-minded businesses in terms of events or jobs can provide you the exposure without relying on social media. A collaboration with these businesses will also give your business a boost. This way, they’re able to tell their clients about you and in turn, you can promote them on your website.


Let’s face it. We’re getting lazier by the day and the ideal course of action is the simplest one. Marketing your business through social media is somewhat like that. It’s easier. As long as you churn out content to keep customers posted, you may end up not feeling the need to engage with them.

Hand-deliver your contracts and visit your clients. Reach out to them personally and talk to them to show your sincerity. Sure, it isn’t practical nor efficient, but building strong relationships are what ultimately builds your empire. Build a real bond instead of building your followers list. Followers are less loyal than customers who actually KNOW you.


Networking. It’s simple enough, right? We’ve been doing it since we were kids in school. This time, you’re building your very own empire- so go ahead, flaunt your charisma. Go to events and talk to people. Your aim is to get their contact information as potential clients. How hard can it be?

Having a good monthly email newsletter is effective as well. Butter people up with substantial content and they would be inclined to join your mailing list. Create great lead magnets for your website. This way, blog visitors would be keen to become email subscribers and it’s easier for you to keep in touch with them.


A travel blogging platform is a good place to reach out to your target audience if this is your niche

Depending on what your niche is, there are many platforms where you can market your product. Marketing your business isn’t just limited to Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Find a platform which caters specifically to your niche and reach out to people there. It can be a more effective way of gaining customers instead of relying on platforms like Instagram where it is so saturated- it can be hard to get noticed.

FINTECH RAKYAT helps businesses migrate to the next generation of the Digital Age. Our Business Operating System: HIVE BizOS is a comprehensive package of custom back-end and front-end solutions, designed to allow you to modernize your business quickly and effectively.

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