Prevent your Business from becoming OBSOLETE this 2021.

Over the past 3 years, I have often asked SMEs and Enterprises about moving their business processes to SaaS(Software as a service) or to Cloud. If there was a common denominator, the system they find most challenging to migrate would be ERP. While Cloud ERP has been in the Malaysian Market for a while now, a lot of the Sdn Bhds and Bhds just said no to it.

Why? Well, first off:

1. New Cloud ERP means better process. Internal company processes won’t be able to accommodate a new change at the base.

2. Change means pain. Bad processes, poor governance, and a new way of working are seen as obstacles; Nobody likes change- which is why businesses are reluctant to undertake this approach even if it is to streamline their business processes.

3. Best and most common response: wHy FiX sOmEtHiNg tHaT iS nOt BrOkEn amiriteeee??!!!

If there are any lessons to be learnt from this year, its this, legacy systems don’t work anymore.

Outdated computing software which are still in use are a safety net for many big ERP corps like Sage who exited the Asian and Australian Markets. However, they failed to weather the pandemic because of old economy tactics and their over dependency on legacy systems.

With the e-commerce boom and heightening customer expectations, those still clutching to legacy systems are done for as their competitors take up more leaner, meaner, powerful systems.

So Legacy Systems are folding, where do you go from here?

ERP has become more of a business operating system than an accounting, inventory or billing system. Newer solutions like HIVE BizOS allow you to port in completely from your old systems

Here is what you should be looking at when purchasing a new Biz OS.