This Chinese New Year, Make HR Simpler – Why You Should Go for HRMS

Updated: Jan 2, 2020

Ask any HR professional and they would tell you that their maximum time is spend doing “admin” work.

Managing time-sheets, payslips, appraisal documents, goal sheets among other things are time intensive and divert focus from the primary HR activity of creation and implementation of human strategy and employee engagement activities. Fortunately, this could be easily addressed by implementing an enterprise application that provides HR the same advantages which were provided by CRM to the sales force. Step in Deskera HRMS.

An HRM system would provide an end to end solution that integrates all common HR admin functions like appraisals, payslips and time reporting. It would eliminate the need for manual intervention and paper work, while acting as a repository for all important documents. This would help not only the HR professionals, but the employees as well, as they don’t have to worry about filling excel sheets and following up with HR for payslips and time-sheet approvals etc. Lets take a closer look at some of the functionalities that ought to be standard features in any HRM application.

User Configurations

The HRMS application would, through user configuration, control what each user views when he/she accesses the system. An employee with no supervisory responsibilities would get a different user interface from a supervisor, and the HR professional would get a different user interface altogether. The robust user configuration in Deskera HRMS provides exactly that and more. Check it out at here.

Time Reporting

The employee should be able to punch in the time spent doing productive work along with break, lunch, overtime and leaves. This should then go to the supervisor for approval and would get finalized post approval. This facility is available with Deskera HRMS.


Supervisors and HR personnel should be able to set up goal sheet templates for employees by designation/responsibility along with appraisal criterion. The employee should get a notification and accept the goals. When the appraisal cycle begins, a notification should go to the employee to provide self input. Once the self input is completed, the supervisor should get a notification asking for appraisal. Post the completion of the documentation and acceptance of the appraisal, it should be archived. Deskera HRMS has the ability to integrate the entire appraisal process in an easy to use way.

Payroll Management

HR personnel should be able to set up the salary structure templates by designation. This could include basic, allowances, incentives, deductions etc. This template along with the salary cycle should generate payslips and send notification to employees at the appropriate time. The payslips should be downloadable for the employee. Deskera HRMS has all of these features and more which make payroll management easier.

Industry experts are of the opinion that any enterprise with more than 25 employees should get HRMS. With the advent of hosted, web based enterprise applications, like HRMS by Deskera, this can be achieved in a short time with minimal cost.


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