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27th APRIL 2020 11am to 1230pm

COVID-19 is not only reshaping the way we work, communicate and shop. Basically, social distancing has become our new normal.

The economy has come to standstill to a certain extent. Sales have dropped to zero for most businesses. Zero sales means zero cash inflow while outflow for salary, rent etc are still the same.

Therefore every business first has to fight the cash cycle imbalance.

Bad companies are destroyed by crisis, Good companies survive them, Great companies are improved by them. - Andy Grove, CEO, Intel

With the MCO still in force and it might be extended till further notice, business owners are rethinking their business model to engage with customers. If you are a business owner with a physical store, come and learn how to diversify your sales channels with an e-commerce platform!

Come and learn how our One stop E-commerce Drop-ship ERP can help you run your business. Don’t limit yourself to your brick and mortar model.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • 6 Ways To Increase your business cash flow with E-commerce.

  • How E-commerce ERP can boost online sales

  • Exclusive E-commerce marketing strategies

  • How Fintech Rakyat can help you digitise your business with E-commerce integration to Website, ERP, and telephony system to stay connected with your customers at an affordable SME price for enterprise grade feature and functions. Go Live in 2 Weeks!

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