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The more the merrier?

  • But does having more really means it’s better? Definitely not in the case of a business operating system (OS). In terms of a business OS, less is definitely more.

  • What you want to be looking for is a platform that has everything one place, as a one-stop solution for all. With multiple operating systems, you’d basically be subjecting yourself to more problems, and this is what we want to avoid.

  • To this extent, do you ever wonder what is it about having a single business OS that makes it enticing to businesses?

1. Cost.

  • As a business, every cent counts.

  • By having multiple systems, a tech expert will be needed to maintain and assist with all the systems you have, which can get pricey. It is simply not practical to spend heaps on numerous systems and similar features when running a business. Budgeting is essential when running your organization and having multiple operating systems just might get in the way of that.

  • A lot of your time will be spent figuring out how to manage those systems instead of focusing on your business. An all-in-one system ensures that everything is in one place, for your convenience, as well as reducing your spending each month.

- “He who buys what he does not need, steals from himself”. – Swedish Proverb

2. One-Look Easy Access.

  • One might perhaps think, is having multiple systems really that bad? Well, imagine having a ton of data and information but everything is spread across different systems. It would be troublesome for business owners to have to use separate platforms when checking on the progress of the organization. With a single OS, all data and information are stored in a primary location with easy access and everything is laid out clearly with no confusion.

  • As your business grows, it is simply impractical to operate with multiple operating systems for the various modules such as accounts and inventory. It would make operating a business much simpler and more efficient if everything is compiled on one single platform

3. Vendors Causing More Headaches for You

  • When an issue arises, having multiple systems may also cause vendors to push the problem to another vendor, alleging the problem is not theirs to solve; placing you in a tight spot, not getting any help or support.

  • This problem would be nonexistent when a business has a single OS- they know who to go to when an issue occurs, and that party will be the one handling that matter.

“With a single platform that covers everything, everyone in your business can be on the same wavelength and are able to operate together even better as a team. Without it, your organization will be travelling full speed down the road of miscommunication and disunity which may result in wasted effort and/or financial loss. Which no doubt will affect the performance of your company.”

FINTECH RAKYAT helps businesses migrate to the next generation of the Digital Age. Our Business Operating System: HIVE BizOS is a comprehensive package of custom back-end and front-end solutions, designed to allow you to modernize your business quickly and effectively.

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