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Zoho Workplace Announces a slew of Updates, unveils Zoho Trident

Original Post by Zoho: The Future of Collaboration in Zoho Workplace: Trident, Phone Systems, and more - Zoho Blog

Zoho Workplace introduces a brand-new desktop app, a phone system for Cliq and Meeting, an AI-writing assistant for the web, a webinar platform, and more. Since late last year, changes to the workplace and economic landscape have renewed business leaders' focus on rationalizing IT spending and improving the overall efficiency of employees. Without raising any of their prices, Zoho has announced major upgrades across their Workplace suite, all centered on elevating productivity and increasing user efficiency. This release supports their decades-long commitment to providing highly valuable software solutions to their users. Let's jump right in.

Zoho Trident: a new desktop app for Workplace Trident is an exciting new app that brings your email and team collaboration suites together. This native macOS and Windows app unites Mail, Cliq, Notes, audio/video calls, Calendar, and more in one location.

Trident offers a variety of industry-first experiences. Our Smart Mail feature, for example, transforms email notifications into live versions of their destination apps right within your inbox.

Trident is currently in public beta and is available to all Zoho Mail users. Be sure to read our complete announcement, because there's a lot more to explore! ✨

Bringing back familiar, human interactions To share an email attachment with a colleague, you've traditionally had to download the file and share it in a chat window, or upload it to a drive and generate a shareable link. With Workplace's new universal drag-and-drop capability, all you have to do is drag an email attachment and drop it in your chat window. Zoho will take care of the rest in the background.

There's more to this as well. Check out our post about all the new ways you can interact with Zoho Workplace now. Webinars in Zoho Meeting Zoho Meeting now has built-in Webinar functionality for you to host sessions, drive registrations, broadcast or YouTube-stream, and encourage audience interaction using Q&As and polls.

A complete phone system on the cloud Organizations today are actively looking for unified communications platforms that reduce dependency on legacy, hardware systems.

To help achieve this, we're integrating the Zoho Voice platform with Zoho Cliq and Zoho Meeting. Now, you can make or receive phone calls, send SMS messages, and check overall call analytics directly from these apps.