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5 Signs Your Business Needs To DIGITISE HR Processes

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Have you found that things have been running a little less than smoothly at your organization? While a business can run like a well-oiled machine, that’s only when the right parts and people are in place.

Technology has changed the world of work as we know it. What was once done primarily via paper has now become completely digitized, and your HR department is certainly no exception. While paper filing and management once was a core function of HR has now become nearly obsolete with the use of HRM software, or otherwise known human resource management software.

If you’ve found that you operations have become inefficient or you’re simply curious about the possibilities of integration of HRMS into your organization, here are 5 signs that your business could benefit from integration.

1. Security Is A Concern

How secure would you say your organization’s information is? Do you currently store employee information via paper based file cabinets? What about a backup plan in the case of an emergency? Are you prepared in the event of a fire or flood? While these may sound like far-fetched scenarios, when you’re dealing with sensitive information, it’s vital that you’re prepared. After all, there’s no such thing as too secure, at least when it comes to your organization’s information that is. Without efficient human resource software in place, your organization’s information is highly vulnerable and unsecure.

2. Dormant Employee Records

Something that many organizations struggle to effectively accomplish is continued maintenance of employee records. It can be a pain to update employee information, and somehow, something always gets lost in-between the shuffle. While you might update an employee’s information after any major status change in their employment terms, what about day-to-day operations? Organizations must keep clear, confidential, and accurate employee information at all times. If you’re HR department is struggling to maintain updated and accurate employee records, it may be time to seek a software solution.

3. Errors are Frequent

Let’s face it, we’ve all made errors before. After all, we’re only human. Even the most careful and meticulous of us can slip up now and again. However, human errors can bring significant financial and legal consequences, even small errors can lead to significant repercussions. From payroll to employee benefits to even compliance, organizations can often not afford to make a mistake, even when it’s minor.

4. Compliance is a Challenge

No matter your company size, big or small, you are required to abide by certain state and federal laws. Errors to show compliance with these laws and regulations can result in severe consequences ranging from fines to even a full out lawsuit in some cases. Inefficiency in compliance is one of the biggest and most severe challenges that organizations are facing today.

5. Rising Costs

Do you find that your costs are increasing or simply becoming unaffordable? Reducing HR costs is a goal of many organizations. However, achieving that goal can be challenging, or at times even unrealistic without the right tools in place. If your HR team is struggling to make ends meet is strapped for time, or simply lacking efficiency, it’s a sign that your organization could greatly benefit from the integration of human resource software into your operations.

Whether you one or all of these signs are relevant to your organization, it is time to consider a change. After all, without the right tools in place your organization is simply not running at maximum efficiency. However, there is a solution and a cost-effective one at that.

Your organization will be able to seamlessly integrate and manage crucial HR processes such as payroll, claims, timesheets and more. We provide your organization the tools to help you manage your most important asset, your people. Created by HR professionals for professionals, HRMS software doesn’t get any easier. Drop us an enquiry on our chatbox today!

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