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Why Retail Manufacturers Need to Move towards Automation

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

The retail industry has always been one of the highest contributors to Malaysia's growth story. Today, there is a tremendous amount of pressure mounting on the sector from regional as well domestic competition. Therefore, there is an urgent need for manufacturing enterprises to revamp their business model and focus on innovation and automation.

Industry 4.0 – the digitization of manufacturing ushers in high volume production of goods, unifying technologies such as advanced robotics, artificial intelligence, sophisticated sensors, cloud computing, and data analytics.

This new era has introduced the concept of “smart factory”. Now companies can manage their inventories better and reduce the overall cost, thereby witnessing significant growth. It is all about the digitally connected world and automation. The manufacturing sector has to be prepared for this new-age technology. A cloud-based well-integrated solution of the supply chain, designing team, production line, and quality control is a must. Additionally, employees and stakeholders need to have controlled, but real-time access to relevant data for better decision-making. Solutions that can be accessed from any internet-enabled device and at any location is the need of the hour.

An ideal and robust cloud solution like integrated ERP suite gives you that connectivity and agility. Manufacturers can make the most of this integrated intelligent system to identify the issues for the slow down in the manufacturing process, and immediately search for ways to overcome it. Besides boosting productivity on the manufacturing company and ensuring uninterrupted workflow, smart manufacturing facilitates other aspects as well: Optimization of supply chains, strategies promoting company growth, demand forecasting as well as providing a better quality of services.

Operating with a single source of truth, i.e., a centralized database is an inherent benefit of cloud-based ERP system. It eliminates different tools and data silos so that relevant stakeholders are aware of the happenings at any given time. You can entirely avoid manual input or delayed syncing up of data. Additionally, you can find out about the quality standards and customer specifications at any step of the manufacturing process. It plays a vital role in reducing errors, bottlenecks, and mundane tasks, and helps in streamlining processes and workflows.

The cloud solution is a long-term investment and smart business strategy. It gives you the agility, speed, and insight you need. With a cloud-based ERP system for manufacturing, you can quickly reduce costs, manage growth, streamline processes and gain a competitive edge.

Cost Reductions: With a one-stop shop for accurate and real-time information, ERP software reduces administrative as well as operational costs. The Cloud ERP helps manufacturers manage operations, prevent delays, allow smooth flow of information and help users make decisions on-the-go.

Streamline Processes: As the enterprises expand ERP helps streamline end-to-end business operations. It increases efficiency and productivity by assisting users to manage inventory, reduce the complexity of processes, prevent multiple data entry, and improve routine tasks such as production, order completion and delivery.

Flexibility: Cloud ERP software systems are robust, flexible and configurable. They can easily adapt to the needs of a particular business.

Competitive Edge: Manufacturers in the global market are using world class-technology to have a competitive edge. The Cloud ERP with its affordable price helps the manufacturers stand strong in this competition.

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